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insulating painting first show on building exhibition
date: 2012-10-29     read:13413 time

botny display newest developed product “ energy conservation insulating painting” on “the third china (guangzhou) international roof roofing, wall materials and water -proof building technology exhibition” on 9th,may,2013.botny developed a series of new product for building market which get a high evaluation from customer and professional.

during this exhibition, botny design three trees for their main ideal, and they use 3 sections to display this ideal to customers: brand exhibit area , product demonstration area and customer experience area. bonty want express this kind of sprit that the excellent product should combine with technology and environment-friendly.

during the exhibition, the most popular section is the customer experience area, many viewers visit botny's booth and to know their new products. at the same time viewers also participate in the test of heat insulation painting factory. from the test, we can know that heat insulation painting has the a ability to obstruct heat from outside,and there is about 15℃ gap between heat insulation painting and regular painting.this phenomenon arouse customer’s interest.

in three days exhibition,botny shows their architectural ideal:lc,energy conservation, lower consumption and environment friendly.due to the advantage of heat insulation painting,many enterprise and  decorate design company reached cooperation intention with botny.

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